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Account Set Up

Why Set Up an Account?
Setting up an account makes shopping at Viking Direct faster, easier, and more personal. When you set up an account you can use the convenient auto-login feature, which lets you enter the site and start shopping immediately, simply by entering your password.

With a Viking Direct account, you can store your billing and delivery information, plus any additional ship-to addresses that you or your business may require. This information will automatically appear where necessary during the purchase and checkout process-so you won't have to re-type it each time you make a purchase!

Setting up an account also enables you to create customised shopping lists for fast, easy ordering, and helps you streamline management of specialised inventories for departments, groups, events, and more.

To set up an account, click on the "New Users Sign Up Here" link at the top of the page. You will be taken to our user-friendly New Customer Wizard. Once you enter the required information about your business, the account is set up!

Invoice Information
Please fill out all information requested on this page. Please note that we deliver only to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Delivery Information
If your billing address and delivery address are the same, simply click the box indicating so. If your delivery address is different, please fill out all information requested. You may use alternate delivery addresses to have orders shipped to , for example, to your company's branch offices.

Payment Method
You may choose to pay with Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Switch Card, Electron, Solo or Viking Account.

Click for more information about Security of credit card information.

Click for more information about Privacy of customer information.

Please enter the credit/charge card number, expiration date and Security number exactly as they appear on your card.

Login Information
Your login name lets Viking Direct identify you as a unique shopper. We recommend that you choose an easy-to-remember login name such as your email address. Choose a password made up of letters and numbers in a combination that others are not likely to guess. Be sure to write down your login name and password and store them in a secure place where you can find them later should you forget one or both. We ask that you retype your password in order to confirm the exact password that you want to use.

The auto-login option will let you enter Viking Direct in the future without typing in your login name. This is convenient, but you may want to choose to log in manually each time if you share your computer with others, in order to prevent unauthorised use of your account.

Update Your Profile
By clicking on the text link "Update Account" at the top of the home page, you can edit your account information - including your name, address, and other contact information, plus invoicing, delivery, and payment preferences-at any time.

Please double-check your profile information after you make changes so we can make sure to deliver merchandise and bill it according to your preferences.

Existing Phone or Fax Customer
If you have already purchased from Viking Direct by phone or fax, you can use your existing account number online. Simply click on the "New Users Sign Up Here" link at the top of the page and answer "Yes" or "No" to the questions on the pages that will follow. If you have never placed an online order with Viking, but ordered from a Viking catalogue, you will be taken to the Set Up for Existing Customers page.

On that page you will be asked for your existing Customer Account Number as well as your phone number or post code (for verification). Once entered, all of your existing billing and shipping information will be completed for you as it appears in your existing record. Now, simply enter your payment information as well as your login name and password. That's it! You can now begin ordering online and, in addition, you'll be provided with a comprehensive view of your online purchasing history with us.

If you are having problems setting up an account with your existing Customer Account Number, please contact us by clicking here.

VAT Exempt Purchasing
If you have previously made VAT exempt purchases with Viking Direct and have a VAT exemption certificate on file, we will be happy to link your new Viking Direct online account to your existing VAT exempt account. Please click here and request us to link the accounts in the form provided.

If you are a first time shopper with Viking Direct and qualify for VAT exempt purchasing, please call 0844 412 1111.