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Things to Consider when Purchasing a Telephone

» Corded Telephones
Basic telephone that is used in a fixed position and cannot be transported. Features and price will vary through models. It is more than likely that the higher priced models have the most features.

» Analogue Cordless
Low cost cordless telephones, giving you cord-free conversation and the ability to make and receive calls whilst away from the base station unit.

» DECT - Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephones


Crystal Clear Technology – Digital quality with no sound distortion, giving the clarity of a corded phone.


Range – DECT telephone handsets can be used up to 300 metres away from the base station. Ideal for use in large offices and warehouses, enabling you to use the phone whilst away from your desk.  
(Range up to 300 metres outdoors and 50 metres indoors in ideal conditions.)

Security – With multiple frequencies to choose from, a DECT telephone will ensure you have an unused frequency, giving greater privacy during calls.

Additional Handsets – Add additional handsets with no need for additional wiring, base stations or phone sockets. Check when choosing your telephone that it is GAP compatible - GAP technology allows you to register and use other GAP compatible handsets.


Multiple Handsets – For your convenience we now have a wide range of DECT telephones with pre-registered additional handsets, saving you time and money.


Talktime – DECT telephones have increased battery life (talk and standby), allowing you to use your phone for longer periods before recharging.

» Digital Answer Machines
Available as stand alone units or integrated with telephone units. Record messages digitally, thereby providing clearer playback and no need to worry about worn-out tapes.

What does the Technology Mean?

Caller Display
Usually a feature that requires a separate quarterly fee payable through your network provider. Allows you to see who is calling before answering the call. This can either be through your handset or separate caller display units are available.

Allows you to make and receive calls without using the handset. This may use speakerphone technology or require a hands-free kit similar to the one used on mobile phones.

BT Accessories
We now offer a full range of BT telephone accessories from extension cords to external bells to enhance your communication systems.

Link a number of additional handsets to one base station to have a complete phone system without the need for additional wiring.

Remote Access
Listed to your digital answerphone messages when away from your office/home. Call from any phone and access messages and options using a security PIN number. Allows you to turn answerphone functions on and off from remote locations and delete messages so the answerphone memory never reaches its maximum.