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UK & Ireland Environment Policy

At Office Depot we are committed to excellence in all aspects of our business, which includes a programme of continual improvement to assess and reduce all environmental aspects and their impacts. Our environmental policy is endorsed at Board level and encompasses all elements of our service provision.

Our commitment to environmental issues is expressed in our global environmental strategy through the four value-chain concepts to increasingly Be Green, Buy Green, Sell Green and Tell Green.

Be Green

We regard compliance with legislation as a minimum standard and go beyond compliance wherever reasonably practical. To ensure we are aware and compliant with both current and future requirements our legislation register is reviewed at least annually by external specialists.

All our UK & Ireland sites are certified to environmental management system standard EN ISO14001:2004 supported by a programme of targeted and monitored initiatives to reduce our environmental impacts and prevent pollution. Our reduction programmes include:
Greenhouse Gas Emissions - As part of Office Depot’s commitment to third party verification of its environmental data the annual UK & Ireland greenhouse gas footprint report is independently assured to ISO14064-1.
In 2014* we will purchase 78% of electricity from 100% remewable sources, with a further 18% from green energy sources that includes biomass.

*Based on 2013 site consumption.

Waste & Recycling - All of our sites dispose of "zero waste to landfill". in 2013 we recycled 85.4% of our waste with the balance being disposed of in waste to energy plants.

Buy Green

As part of our product stewardship objective to ensure open and transparent information, independent consultants verify environmental product claims, wood-fibre sources and supplier credentials. Claims are verified against the Green Claims Code using clearly defined criteria enabling customers to choose from products that comply with UK Government Timber Procurement Policy and DEFRA Quick Wins as well as eco-labels.

Office Depot, as a GFTN participant, is committed to a stepwise approach towards responsible purchasing and forestry practices which means: buying from legal and known sources, excluding controversial sources and aiming for credibly certified sources such as FSC.

Our commitment to offering customers certified wood-fibre sources extends through chain of custody certification to both the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC).

Sell Green

Customers can choose from over 3700 products with externally verified environmental attributes; Of the products in our 2014 contract catalogue 19% have a verified claim.

Collection schemes for the take-back of used products from customers will continue to be developed in addition to those already available like toner and inkjet cartridges, electrical equipment and batteries.

Tell Green

We support customers to make informed purchasing decisions by increasing awareness of environmentally preferable products and impacts of behaviours through the provision of transparent reporting and publications. We will continue to actively work with customers to assist them in achieving their environmental objectives and reduce their impact.

An internal and external audit programme together with results against key performance indicators continuously monitors compliance and performance. Progress of environmental performance is reported to all internal associates on a monthly basis. Details of our performance is communicated annually to our external stakeholders in our global Corporate Citizenship Report.