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Chair Buying Guide

Whether you’re kitting out an entire office or simply completing a desk setup at home, check out the Viking office chair buying guide to ensure you get the product that best suits your needs.

Office Chairs

Also known as operator chairs, task chairs or swivel chairs. These deliver practicality, quality and affordability across a wide array of professional and home uses. The range incorporates everything from compact chairs, ideal for where space is tight, to fully adjustable ergonomic chairs offering comfort and support for longer work sessions. Also offered are leather-faced executive chairs which you’ll find ideal for meeting rooms and public-facing environments where style is key

When selecting a chair, think about the length of time you’ll spend in it. To help you decide, you can select from ‘light’, ‘moderate’ and ‘intense’ usage tick boxes on the left hand side of the product pages.

Viking has an office chair that’s perfect for your needs and budget. This selection of our best-selling chairs is a great starting point…

  • The Niceday K2 operator office chair boasts adjustable seat height and back height, as well as lumbar support. There is the option to add height-adjustable armrests too. The padded seat and backrest have a comfortable and stylish material covering, which is available in a range of colours to suit your design scheme.
  • If you spend more than a couple of hours per day in your office chair, the RS To Go Sierra Permanent Contact Operator Chair is a better choice. With a sculpted backrest, high levels of adjustability and built-in armrests, it will keep you comfortable for prolonged periods.
  • If you spend long hours at a desk, invest in the Energi-24 Air Care office chair. It delivers responsive support thanks to the foam chambers in the seat, and has built-in coccyx support. Adjustable in almost every way, it adapts to you and your workstation to deliver exceptional comfort.

Ergonomic & Posture Chairs

What is an ergonomic or posture chair?

Ergonomics is the study of how humans interact with the objects they use, and ergonomic office chairs are designed to help your efficiency. They do this by providing optimal comfort to the user, in order to minimise the need for physical exertion and reduce the chance of distraction.

With up to eight independent adjustments, ergonomic chairs cosset your unique shape. They have been engineered to provide additional support over and above a standard office chair.

Ideal if you're often seated for extended periods of time, an ergonomic chair helps you maintain a comfortable posture throughout the working day. A full height back support chair encourages the correct S-shaped spine posture, reducing the muscle tension that leads to aches and pains.

Some of our ergonomic office chairs also use Air Care technology. Twin air cells inside the seat base distribute air pressure, offer optimum support, and work in tandem with a special backrest that helps to relieve pressure from the base of your spine. Assuring exemplary comfort for any occupant, they're also the perfect chair if you suffer from a bad back.

Others posture chairs feature an air-circulating mesh backrest, which keeps you cool as well as comfortable.

The following selection of our best-selling ergonomic chairs shows how features are added as you progress through the range.

  • Call centre posture Chair
    Physiotherapist endorsed. Suited for use over long periods. Fast and simple to adjust for multiple users. Helps to reduce muscle fatigue and tension.
  • 24-Hour executive posture chair
    Physiotherapist endorsed. Even & effective weight distribution. Lumbar adjustment to tailor back support to the user. Generously proportioned allowing for a greater degree of movement.

Executive Chairs

These executive office chairs project sleek style and enhance the look of your office or home working space. Our executive chairs are all generously proportioned for comfort, and upholstered with fabric or leather-facings in a variety of eye-catching colours. Many feature a fixed arm design for comfort away from your desk, while most include a reclining tilt mechanism for a more relaxed position. This can be free-moving or locked in place.

There are many different models, catering for different tastes and office styles. These range from the classic deeply-padded designs, to sleek contemporary styles including sophisticated black leather and polished chrome.

These examples demonstrate how features are added as you progress through the range:

  • Rotterdam executive chair
    Sculpted backrest, reinforced lumbar support and padded head rest. Chrome base and arm detail with padding. Stunning style ideal for the workplace or homeoffice. Includes a three year warranty.
  • Rome executive office chair
    A sumptuous and elegant chair for the managerial or larger home office environment. Padded arms with chrome accents and chromed base. Available with either fabric or luxurious leather front panels. Offers a wealth of adjustments including tilt lock and lumbar support. Includes a 3 year warranty.

Sitting comfortably?

All office chairs need to have an adjustable seat-height, as you must be ergonomically positioned at your desk. Your elbows should be in line with the keyboard, and your eye-line at the top of your monitor. You’ll may have to adjust your monitor and keyboard as well as your chair.

Seat tilt functionality should also help you get more comfortable, your pelvis should be slightly higher than your knees when seated, promoting better posture and alleviating pressure on the spine

Most standard office chairs have adjustable backrests (with an executive chair the backrest isn’t usually adjustable). Backrests should be elevated so the top of the back rest is in line with the top of your shoulders. Look for those with integrated lumbar support too, as this means there’s padding that contours to the lower back for additional comfort.

Armrests with adaptable height help relieve tension from neck and shoulder muscle, while padded armrests provide even more comfort. Of course, armrests may not be necessary if you always work at your desk. In which case, make sure that the chair fits beneath the desk comfortably, aloowing the desktop itself to support your forearms.

Office chair materials

The typical office chair comes with a padded, fabric-covered seat and backrest, for comfort and durability. The colour traditionally favoured is blue, but you can find other options such as black and burgundy at Viking.

  • We also have office chairs with mesh backrests, which can help keep you cool and comfortable thanks to their breathability. The material is also slightly flexible, meaning that it can contour to your back to provide fantastic support.
  • There are also stylish leather-faced office chairs available in our range.

Chair Features Guide

Many office chairs have a tilt-and-lock function that enables the user to recline to a comfortable position and then keep the parts in place.

Tilt tension

Increases or decreases back and seat tilt-resistance

Tilt lock

Locks the angle of the chair's back and seat tilt

Seat height adjustment

Positions the seat height to the most comfortable level for you

Back angle adjustment

Adjusts to give extra support to the lower lumbar region

Back depth adjustment

Backrest can be moved in and out, allowing additional seat depth

Knee tilt

Incorporated into the design of the seat pad, creating a more ergonomic seat

Lumbar support

Built in lumbar support for your lower back region

Sliding seat

Seat can be moved forwards and rearwards for extra leg support

Back height adjustment

Adjusts vertically, locking at various intervals

Synchro tilt

Back and seat-pad tilt together in a 3:1 or 2:1 ratio. Can be locked in various positions

Free floating back

Backrest can be set to freely move. Offers constant support and is ideal for computer uses

Fixed arms

Also available as an optional extra on many models

Seat angle adjustment

Adjusts the seat-pad angle independently of the backrest

Height adjustable arms

Also available as an optional extra on many models

The Back Care Statement


75% of the UK's working population is seated for more than six hours a day.

Back pain is a major cause of discomfort and work absence.

Lower back pain is the second largest cause of work absence in Europe, the second largest cause of long term sickness and the most common cause of disability for workers under the age of 45.

40% of the population is affected by back pain.

50 million working days are lost in the UK each year as a direct result of back pain.

It costs us £5 billion (or £200 per employee) in sickness absence each year.Estimates show that for each person off sick with back pain, 13 others will suffer in silence.

    "All of the above information points towards the necessity for seating that offers adequate, variable and flexible support which can be adjusted sufficiently to suit the majority of the workforce"
  • Office chair accessories

    • A footrest is a great companion to an office chair, as they help to improve circulation and prevent discomfort in the legs and ankles.
    • Another ergonomic product is the wrist rest, as this reduces the strain caused by prolonged periods of typing. You’ll find comfortable rests filled with memory foam or gel crystals here at Viking, as well as soft wrist rockers that adapt to your position.
    • If you are worried about castor wheels or feet damaging your floors, use a protective chair mat. This will reduce the chance of scratches, indentations and marks on hard flooring or carpet.