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WWF’s Global Forest & Trade Network

Global Forest & Trade Network

GFTN-UK Forest Product Reporting Summary For 2013

Office Depot has been a member of WWF’s Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) in the UK since 1995.

All GFTN members are committed to progressively sourcing forest products from well-managed sources.

Office Depot undertakes due diligence to assess and mitigate any risk of illegal and unwanted forest products entering into the UK market from our supply chain. We collect as much information on supply chain sources as possible, and systematically work to eliminate poor sources which may not positively benefit forests as a future resource for people and nature.

To highlight our progress towards meeting our commitments to source well-managed and recycled materials, we’re publishing the status of our current supply chain for preferred categories of forest goods, as defined by the GFTN.

We hope the transparency of the UK GFTN members about their performance on forest sourcing will prompt others in the sector to follow suit. We also encourage all forest certification systems to continuously improve their performance in delivering responsible forest management.

At present, WWF and GFTN participants believe the FSC represents the gold standard and a credible benchmark for other forest certification schemes to match. Our preference is to source increasingly from credibly-certified forests or verified recycled sources.

The European Timber Regulation aims to limit the trade in illegal timber. It provides a baseline of legality as a minimum for forest goods entering the European market and reaching consumers. GFTN members want to make sure they’re playing their part in reducing the UK footprint on global forest resources, by sourcing sustainably – going beyond a compliance-only approach.

Our forest products reported for the 2013 calendar year are as follows:

45.9% Source Assessed: forest source evaluated for legality and traceability criteria
5.5% Source Verified: forest source third party verified (includes PEFC certified products, and products manufactured from PEFC and FSC certified forest sources with broken chain of custody).
18.8% Credibility Certified (FSC certified products)
25.5% Recycled

N.B. % are percentages of tonnage sold in 2013 of in scope products
FSC= Forest Stewardship Council.
PEFC= Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

Our responsible forest product procurement policy can be found here:

Scope of reporting
All own-brand forest products for resale and/or end use in business delivery
All copier papers for resale and/or end use in business delivery