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Essentials for your office

The place to buy all the essential office and desktop stationery you need for your business. Pick from a wide selection of products to keep your office organized and productive. Whatever your choice of products you will always receive exceptional customer service.

Viking has an extensive selection of office stationery, from desk organisation solutions and diaries, calendars and planners to calculators and staplers and hole punchers. We have all the desk accessories you could every need, all at competitive prices.

Browse our selection of office stationery and desk accessories using the menu options above. With free delivery on orders over £30, isn't it time you placed an order with Viking?

10 things you can do with post-its

These underrated little squares of colour aren’t just there to stick on your desk and be forgotten, there are endless ways to make use of them. Check out some of our favourite fun office post-it ideas, and try brightening your own office space.


Make a calendar

For those who prefer to visually plan, the post-it calendar is ideal. Once a day has passed, rip it off the wall and get prepped for the day to come. Simply add the number of post-its you need to cover your four weeks ahead, and number them to keep track.

Learn the language

Learn a language

You may have pulled out revision cards back in your schooldays, but did you think of keeping the lessons ticking at work? Labelling everyday office objects will make taking on new vocabulary second nature. We’ve opted for German, but you could stick five languages up there if you are feeling ambitious. Simply head to Google Translate, or grab a dictionary, write them up, and get sticking!

Post-It boxes

Box your staples

Staples, pins, paperclips: no box seems small enough to house these everyday office supplies. Post-it boxes are easy to make and the perfect size for your little office bits. Pick the colours you’d like on your desk and follow this simple guide to make your miniature boxes.

World Map

See the World

A map of the world is a signature poster in most offices, but why not push it that little bit further by making a post-it world? If you or your colleagues go on a holiday, you can replace your post-its with another colour to signify that you’ve ticked it off the list!

Keep your page

Keep your page

Nobody folds the page of a book, that’s just scandalous. Sticking post-it notes at your latest spot will hold it until you’re ready to turn the page. You could even use them for passages you want to remember, or speeches you want to quote!



Trying to brainstorm with a marker pen can be a nightmare. Illegible scrawling, smudging with your wipe. By adding post-its to your brainstorm, you not only have an easier result to look at, but you can colour-code your ideas.



It’s time to let go of the drooping office plant and brighten your office with a new post-it mosaics! Pick a spot of bare wall, and decide what you want to create.


Get folding

Yes it may take a few attempts, but origami gets the brain whirring and makes for pretty desk décor. Follow this guide on how to make a crane or opt for this mind-boggling Icosahedron.

Name Game

Name game

Everyone loves the ‘Name Game’, so why not make it a work-friendly ice-breaker exercise? Take a post-it and write the name of a person who you find inspirational. Sitting in a circle, put your written post-it on the forehead of the person to your left. Take turns to ask ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions about who you are. The first person to guess, wins!

Post-it to do board

To-do board

For those who organise their time visually, go a step further than sticking a post-it on your desk by making a memorable and easy-to-follow wall feature. You can split your tasks by deadline, by topic, or by priority.

All you need is a range of coloured post-its, and you can be ready to decorate, organise and enjoy your brighter office.