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Games Room of Thrones


This week we decided to surprise our staff with their very own Game of Thrones inspired games room, as a way of saying thank you for all of their hard work. We took an unused meeting room and secretly transformed it without any other employees knowing. The room featured lots of amazing Easter eggs related to the show, such as a three-eyed raven, golden dragon eggs made from drawing pins, and over 20 stained glass windows depicting key moments from the fantasy phenomenon. Over the course of the new season, we'll be inviting everyone up to get ready for latest episodes with a banquet fit for whoever may sit on our incredible cardboard Iron Throne. The space will also act as a room to discuss plot developments, so the rest of the office can remain spoiler-free.

This is how the room started:

And this is what we turned it into:

The room has been a resounding success with our staff, but what do you think? If you'd like to know more about how we put the room together (and maybe build your own) here is how we did it:

Turning Work into Westeros

We started by designing some stained glass windows based on our favourite moments from the show, as well as the sigils from Westeros' major houses. The Red Wedding and Purple Wedding were must haves! These were hand-painted first and then scanned into a computer and digitally coloured.

The windows were individually made to measure, and printed on acetate to create the stained glass effect. They were then easily secured in place using sellotape. Including the lower sections of the windows, we had 60 panels to go up.

A few of the team worked throughout the evening to put up all of the windows. They looked great at dusk:

Once the windows were up, the walls were covered in crushed velvet. We mixed some medieval colours of burgundy and red with something more regal (gold and purple) for the doorway.

Once we had the crushed velvet up, we added all of the main features, such as the ping pong table, banquet table and cardboard armoury. Then, we made the screening area and started adding a few extra features.

The poisoned wine was actually non-alcoholic! Each candle was also electric, just to be on the safe side.

The dragon eggs were made using polystyrene craft eggs and our big pots of brass drawing pins. In total, we used around 2,500 pins.

For some bonus points, can you tell us whether we used the books or the TV show for this Easter egg?

Lime shower gel makes a great stand-in for wildfire!

One of our management staff was kind enough to donate this taxidermy crow, which stood in as our three-eyed raven.

Then, the room officially became Westeros.

We then started to dish up all of the food. We figured that BBQ chicken drumsticks would have been all the rage in Westeros. Once we had everything set up, all we had to do was get into costume and invite up our unsuspecting employees.

Want to see more? You can watch a time-lapse of the whole process below.

You can find most of the products needed to make our room in our stationery section.