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What is a Customised Shopping List ?

A customised shopping list is a list of the products you order again and again. Customised shopping lists represent a great way to save time and energy, to make sure you have the office supplies and equipment you need, you can also set up special lists for different departments. After you've set up an account, you can create as many customised shopping lists as you need to keep your office supply shopping as simple as you want it. You can also request a reminder email if you wish to order on a specific day or the same day every week or month.

How to Use Customised Shopping Lists
Only customers who have set up an account can make and use customised shopping lists.

To use a customised shopping list, click Shopping Lists on the purple navigation bar near the top of the page. This takes you to the Customised Shop Lists page. From here, you may create a new list or choose a saved list to view, edit, delete or use. With your list displayed, you may make changes to it. You may also delete the entire list or add all the list items to your shopping trolley.

You can also access a customised shopping list while you are browsing through the catalogue, or from the search results page. Add an item to a customised shopping list by clicking the button. You will see a page where you can add the item to a selected customised shopping list or create a new list, starting with the item you have chosen.

Creating a Customised Shopping List
We offer two ways to build a customised shopping list. You can create it from scratch, or item by item as you select products to put in your shopping trolley.

To create a new list from scratch, click Shopping List on the purple navigation bar near the top. At the customised shopping list page, you can give the new list a name, add any comments for your own reference, then click Create New List. The new list will remain empty until you add products from the catalogue as you shop online.

You may also create a new customised shopping list or you can use an existing list while browsing through the product pages. Add an item to a customised shopping list by clicking on the button next to the item you want to add. You will see a page where you can add the item to a selected customised shopping list or create a new list starting with the item you have chosen.

Comments provide a handy way to note anything particular about a list-when and how often to order with this list, where to get updated information for the next order or anything else you need to remember about the list. You can add a comment by entering text in the comment box.

Shopping List Reminders by Email
Once you have created a Custom Shopping List, you can rely on Viking to remind you when the products on your Shopping List need re-ordering. Simply follow the three steps below:

Step 1
At the Shopping List page, click reminder alongside the shopping list you would like to set a reminder for.

Step 2
Select the date you would like to receive your first Shopping List Reminder by: Typing in the date in the format (dd mm yyyy)
Clicking the calendar button to display a calendar and selecting your date from the calendar.

Step 3
Select how frequently you would like a reminder sent to you by clicking on the circle next to your choice and then select the submit button.

Viking will then send you your first Email Shopping List Reminder on the date you have chosen. After that, if you have chosen a frequency, Viking will send you a reminder as frequently as you have asked for.

Deleting a Customised Shopping List
To delete a list, select the list you want deleted from the customised shopping list page. Click the Delete List button at the bottom of the selected list page. That's it and it will be deleted.

Changing Comments
You can edit a list's comments by changing the text in the comment box. Just place your cursor in the comment box and make the changes you want to and click on the Update button.

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