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Envelope Quick Reference Guide

What Size Envelope Do You Require?

DL Size
C6 Size
C5 Size
C4 Size
 Do you Want To Make An Impression With Quality?


Paper weight is expressed as grammes per square metre (gsm). Usually the heavier the weight the stronger the envelope.

 What Style & Closure Do You Prefer?

Glue on the flap requires moisture before sealing.

No moisture required. Close the flap and the 2 pre-glued strips will form an instant strong bond.

Peel & Seal
Strongest of all closures. Peel away strip protects the glue until required for a secure instant seal.

Flap on long edge.

Flap on short edge.

Do You Need A Window?

To measure the position of a window, use the following steps:

1. Measure the depth of the window.
2. Measure the width of the window.
3. Measure position from left hand side edge.
4. Measure the distance up from the base.

Please select one of the following choices: