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Xerox Original 006R01449 Toner Cartridge 2 Pieces
Xerox Original 006R01449 Toner Cartridge 2 Pieces

Xerox Original 006R01449 Toner Cartridge 2 Pieces

Description Be the first to review Brand:Xerox Viking No.6364656
Xerox Original 006R01449 Toner Cartridge 2 Pieces

Original quality for trouble free printing

Xerox original toner cartridge

£224.40 incl. VAT
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For optimum print performance.

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£227.99 incl. VAT


Viking No. 6364656
EAN/UPC 0095205614497
Approx. Prints (sheets) 6000
Brand Xerox
Cart. No. 006R01449
Compatibility Xerox Docucolor 240,242 V/FUB,242 V/Fubj,242 V/Fubw,242 V/Fuby,242 V/Fubz,242 V/FUE,242 V/Fuej,242 V/Fuew,242 V/Fuey,242 V/Fuez,242 V/FUH,242 V/Fuhj,242 V/Fuhw,242 V/Fuhy,242 V/Fuhz,242 V/Fujl,242 V/FUL,242 V/Fulw,242 V/Fuly,242 V/Fulz,242 V/FUR,242 V/Furj,242 V/Fury,242 V/Furz,242 V/FUT,242 V/Futj,242 V/Futw,242 V/Futy,242 V/Futz,242 V/Gilj,242 V/GUB,242 V/Gubj,242 V/Gubw,242 V/Guby,242 V/Gubz,242 V/GUE,242 V/Guej,242 V/Guew,242 V/Guey,242 V/Guez,242 V/GUH,242 V/Guhj,242 V/Guhw,242 V/Guhy,242 V/Guhz,242 V/GUL,242 V/Gulw,242 V/Guly,242 V/GULZ,242 V/GUR,242 V/Gurj,242 V/Gurw,242 V/Gury,242 V/Gurz,242 V/GUT,242 V/Gutw,242 V/Guty,242 V/Gutz,242 V/UB,242 V/UBJ,242 V/UBW,242 V/UBY,242 V/UBZ,242 V/UE,242 V/UEJ,242 V/UEW,242 V/UEY,242 V/UEZ,242 V/UH,242 V/UHJ,242 V/UHW,242 V/UHY,242 V/UHZ,242 V/UJ,242 V/UL,242 V/ULJ,242 V/ULW,242 V/ULY,242 V/ULZ,242 V/UR,242 V/URJ,242 V/URW,242 V/URY,242 V/URZ,242 V/UT,242 V/UTJ,242 V/UTW,242 V/UTY,242 V/UTZ,242 V/UY,242 V/UZ,242,242/Furw,250,252 V/FUB,252 V/Fubj,252 V/Fubw,252 V/Fuby,252 V/Fubz,252 V/FUE,252 V/Fuej,252 V/Fuew,252 V/Fuey,252 V/Fuez,252 V/FUH,252 V/Fuhj,252 V/Fuhw,252 V/Fuhy,252 V/Fuhz,252 V/FUL,252 V/Fulj,252 V/Fulw,252 V/Fuly,252 V/Fulz,252 V/FUR,252 V/Furj,252 V/Furw,252 V/Fury,252 V/Furz,252 V/FUT,252 V/Futj,252 V/Futw,252 V/Futy,252 V/Futz,252 V/GUB,252 V/Gubj,252 V/Gubw,252 V/Guby,252 V/Gubz,252 V/GUE,252 V/Guej,252 V/Guew,252 V/Guey,252 V/Guez,252 V/GUH,252 V/Guhj,252 V/Guhw,252 V/Guhy,252 V/Guhz,252 V/GUL,252 V/Gulj,252 V/Gulw,252 V/Guly,252 V/Gulz,252 V/GUR,252 V/Gurj,252 V/Gurw,252 V/Gury,252 V/Gurz,252 V/GUT,252 V/Gutj,252 V/Gutw,252 V/Guty,252 V/Gutz,252 V/UB,252 V/UBJ,252 V/UBW,252 V/UBY,252 V/UBZ,252 V/UE,252 V/UEJ,252 V/UEW,252 V/UEY,252 V/UEZ,252 V/UH,252 V/UHJ,252 V/UHW,252 V/UHY,252 V/UHZ,252 V/UJ,252 V/UL,252 V/ULJ,252 V/ULW,252 V/ULY,252 V/ULZ,252 V/UR,252 V/URJ,252 V/URW,252 V/URY,252 V/URZ,252 V/UT,252 V/UTJ,252 V/UTW,252 V/UTY,252 V/UTZ,252 V/UY,252 V/UZ,252,260 V/FUB,260 V/Fubj,260 V/Fubw,260 V/Fuby,260 V/Fubz,260 V/FUE,260 V/FUEJ,260 V/Fuew,260 V/Fuey,260 V/Fuez,260 V/FUH,260 V/Fuhw,260 V/Fuhy,260 V/Fuhz,260 V/FUL,260 V/Fulj,260 V/Fulw,260 V/Fuly,260 V/Fulz,260 V/FUR,260 V/Furj,260 V/Furw,260 V/Fury,260 V/Furz,260 V/FUT,260 V/Futj,260 V/Futw,260 V/Futy,260 V/Futz,260 V/GUB,260 V/Gubj,260 V/Gubw,260 V/Guby,260 V/Gubz,260 V/GUE,260 V/Guej,260 V/Guew,260 V/Guey,260 V/Guez,260 V/GUH,260 V/Guhj,260 V/Guhw,260 V/Guhy,260 V/Guhz,260 V/GUL,260 V/Gulj,260 V/Gulw,260 V/Guly,260 V/Gulz,260 V/GUR,260 V/Gurj,260 V/Gurw,260 V/Gury,260 V/Gurz,260 V/GUT,260 V/Gutw,260 V/Guty,260 V/Gutz,260 V/UB,260 V/UBJ,260 V/UBW,260 V/UBY,260 V/UBZ,260 V/UE,260 V/UEJ,260 V/UEW,260 V/UEY,260 V/UEZ,260 V/UH,260 V/UHJ,260 V/UHW,260 V/UHY,260 V/UHZ,260 V/UJ,260 V/UL,260 V/ULJ,260 V/ULW,260 V/ULY,260 V/ULZ,260 V/URJ,260 V/URW,260 V/URY,260 V/URZ,260 V/UT,260 V/UTJ,260 V/UTW,260 V/UTY,260 V/UTZ,260 V/UY,260 V/UZ,260 | Workcentre 7655 V/ABC,7655 V/ABX,7655 V/AEC,7655 V/AEX,7655 V/Afbc,7655 V/Afbx,7655 V/Afec,7655 V/Afex,7655 V/Afhc,7655 V/Afhx,7655 V/Aflc,7655 V/Aflx,7655 V/Afrc,7655 V/Afrx,7655 V/Aftc,7655 V/Aftx,7655 V/AHC,7655 V/AHX,7655 V/ALC,7655 V/ALX,7655 V/APB,7655 V/APE,7655 V/Apfb,7655 V/Apfe,7655 V/Apfh,7655 V/Apfl,7655 V/Apfr,7655 V/Apft,7655 V/APH,7655 V/APL,7655 V/APR,7655 V/APT,7655 V/ARC,7655 V/ARX,7655 V/ATC,7655 V/ATX,7655,7665 V/ABC,7665 V/ABX,7665 V/AEC,7665 V/AEX,7665 V/Afbc,7665 V/Afbx,7665 V/Afec,7665 V/Afex,7665 V/Afhc,7665 V/Afhx,7665 V/Aflc,7665 V/Aflx,7665 V/Afrc,7665 V/Afrx,7665 V/Aftc,7665 V/Aftx,7665 V/AHC,7665 V/AHX,7665 V/ALC,7665 V/ALX,7665 V/APB,7665 V/APE,7665 V/Apfb,7665 V/Apfe,7665 V/Apfh,7665 V/Apfr,7665 V/Apft,7665 V/APH,7665 V/APL,7665 V/APR,7665 V/APT,7665 V/ARC,7665 V/ARX,7665 V/ATC,7665 V/ATX,7665,7675 V/ABC,7675 V/ABX,7675 V/AEC,7675 V/AEX,7675 V/Afbc,7675 V/Afbx,7675 V/Afec,7675 V/Afex,7675 V/Afhc,7675 V/Afhx,7675 V/Aflc,7675 V/Aflx,7675 V/Afrc,7675 V/Afrx,7675 V/Aftc,7675 V/Aftx,7675 V/AHC,7675 V/AHX,7675 V/ALC,7675 V/ALX,7675 V/APB,7675 V/APE,7675 V/Apfb,7675 V/Apfe,7675 V/Apfh,7675 V/Apfl,7675 V/APFR,7675 V/Apft,7675 V/APH,7675 V/APL,7675 V/APR,7675 V/APT,7675 V/ARC,7675 V/ARX,7675 V/ATC,7675 V/ATX,7675,7755,7765
Manufacturer Part No. 006R01449
Original Or Compatible Original
Print Colour Black
Product Type Ink Toner Cartridge
Unit Duopack



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