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Workplace First Aid Kits, the new standard BS8599-1:2019

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Guidance for employers on first aid kits in a workplace environment

The quantities and sizes of first aid kits to be used in a workplace environment should be determined by the number of people on site and the category of hazard they are exposed to. The following table categorizes workplaces by level of risk, and then recommends an appropriate size of kit, depending on the number of employees and members of the public exposed to those risks.

1. Do a risk assessment

LOW RISK (e.g. shops, offices, libraries etc.)
HIGH RISK (e.g. light engineering and assembly work, food processing, warehousing, etc.)

2. Decide on the size and quantity of kits required to meet your risk needs assessment


LOW RISK: 1 kit for less than 25 employees
HIGH RISK: 1 kit for less than 5 employees


LOW RISK: 1 kit per 25-100 employees
HIGH RISK: 1 kit per 5-25 employees


LOW RISK: 1 kit per 100 employees
HIGH RISK: 1 kit per 25 employees


1 MEDIUM KIT * Staff working remotely from a company vehicle should be equipped with a travel and motoring first aid kit. This does not supersede BS8599-2 for vehicle first aid kits, employers should refer to BS8599-2 when equipping vehicles with first aid kits.

Guidance for employers on provision of supplementary first aid kits

The following table provides recommendations for employers on quantities of supplementary first aid kits for the workplace as an extra resource British Standard Compliant Small, Medium, Large and Travel & Motoring First Aid Kits.

Type of Kit or Pack Quantity and sizes of First Aid Kit
e.g. security personnel, cleaners, maintenance, etc.
1 kit should be issued to individual first aiders and other employees where appropriate to their role.
e.g. work with dangerous machinery or sharp instruments, cutting equipment, power tools, construction, agriculture, forestry, etc.
Appropriate numbers of this pack should be stored, in line with the risks assessed. Employers should take into consideration the maximum number of people on site at any one time.
** Employers might consider equipping first aiders in their workplace with a personal issue first aid kit.
*** In addition, following a risk assessment, an employer might consider storing appropriate quantities of critical injury packs to be equipped to deal with injuries to employees or the public resulting from acts of terrorism or other mass casualty incidents.
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