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Ergonomic Chairs

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Ergonomic Chairs Is your office chair lacking the stability and comfort it should have? You sit at your desk for most of the day so ensuring you have a comfortable and ergonomic chair is worth the investment.  

Footrests & Back support

Footrests & Back support Are you sitting in your office chair properly? Good supports for your front and back can make a massive difference to your body and your health.  

Mousepads & Wrist Pads

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Mousepads & Wrist Pads Most repetitive strain injuries are found in hands and wrists. Choose an ergonomic mouse pad and wrist support to work more comfortably.  

Ergonomic Keyboards & Mice

Ergonomic Keyboards & Mice Having the right mouse and keyboard can also make a big difference when it comes to avoiding repetitive strain injuries.  

Monitor- & Laptopstands

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Monitor- & Laptopstands Do you have neck and back problems? Chances are your screen isnít positioned correctly for your specific needs.  

Copy Holders & Monitorarms

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Copy Holders & Monitorarms Do you work a lot with printed and hard copy documents? Ensuring you have a proper document holder is important to ensure you work with comfort and ease.  

Sit-Stand Desks

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Sit-Stand Desks Our electronically adjustable Sit-Stand desks ensure flexible working positions through out the day. Changing between the sitting and standing position not only boosts the concentration levels of employees, it also supports a healthier spine and better metabolism. Sit-Stand desks are an investment into employee’s wellbeing and productivity.  

Sit-Stand Workstations

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Sit-Stand Workstations Sitting too much is seriously bad for your health. Our Sit-Stand workstations are fully adjustable and enhance your working experience and energy level. Stand up more often to decrease and prevent chronic back pain.  
Does this look familiar to you? We're all working longer, with most people spending a large portion of their day staring at a computer screen - be that in the office, at home or the move. Whilst we now can't do without our computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones in our lives, we can do something about the bad working habits associated with them that are causing so many health problems.

Working Ergonomically is Working Well for Life

Poor posture when using computers, laptops and tablets is one of the biggest causes of neck and back pain, and it’s having a serious affect on productivity at work and on personal life in general.

People who experience pain or discomfort are unlikely to perform to their full potential, and this often leads to sickness absence – and, in some cases, long-term injuries and disabilities.

Research undertaken by ergonomic workstation specialists Fellowes reveals that 79% of us admit to slouching at a desk1. Add to the fact that most people spend over 7 hours a day sat at a desk2 and you begin to realise the full extent of the problem.

At Viking Direct, Fellowes offers a comprehensive range of head to toe ergonomic solutions - from FIRA accredited monitor and laptop risers, back supports and foot supports, to wrist supports with Microban® antibacterial protection. NEW for 2017, Fellowes introduces movement to your working day with a new range of Sit-Stand Workstation solutions, helping you to be active, focused and energised.

FIRA International is an Independent Ergonomic Consultancy. Products with this logo are accredited to EU Health and Safety Legislation: BS EN ISO9241/1995/Part 5; EC Directive 90/270 EEC and amends 2002. Look for the Microban® logo for products which contain Microban® antimicrobial technology for powerful, continuous product protection against bacteria.

Take the Fellowes 4 Zone Approach® to healthier working

To make it easier for you to choose the right ergonomic solutions for you and the way you work, Fellowes has developed the 4 Zone Approach® to healthier working.

In four simple stages you can identify the most common bad habits, the potential risks and the most effective solutions for workstation-related pain and injuries – wherever working is taking place.

By adopting good posture and ensuring your eyes, neck, back and legs are positioned correctly, you will discover a world of difference to the way you feel, both physically and mentally. This in turn ensures that you are much more engaged, motivated and productive.

Ergonomic Solutions for wherever you work...

Personal Desk
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Ergonomics is good for
business by helping to:
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve morale
  • Reduce health issues such as repetitive stress injuries, back and neck strain, eye strain, muscular pains and headaches
77% of workers believe companies with strong health and wellbeing ethics attract the best staff1
Hot Desking
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How well is your
team working?

Fellowes and Viking Direct have joined forces to offer free Working Well Days to help businesses look after the health and wellbeing of their staff - and to reduce sickness days. If you’re interested in this free service, please click here to request further details.

85% of employees believe workplace health and wellbeing should be more of a priority in their company1
Multi Location
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How well are
you working?

It’s a legal requirement for all businesses to undertake regular workstation risk assessments to ensure its employees are working in safety and comfort. You can find out how well you are working right now by taking a Fellowes Working Well Assessment right here

FREE working well assessment
Personal Desk
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Ergonomics is good
for personal life,
helping you to:
  • Keep fit for sports and hobbies
  • Stay healthy for family activities
  • Feeling great in everything you do
93% of us agree that being comfortable when working improves our quality of life1
1. Loudhouse Research commissioned by Fellowes, 2016, 2. Arkenford Research commissioned by Fellowes, 2014

How To Get
Working Well For Life
In One Day

Bad working habits are bad for business. And as 90% of all company costs are people costs, it’s essential you look after your greatest asset - your employees.

Ensure your employees are working well for life by arranging a Working Well Day with Viking Direct and Fellowes – the ergonomic specialists.

The event will be run by a DSE trained assessor who will be available to undertake FREE and qualified Workstation Risk Assessments for you and your staff – in accordance with the legal requirement outlined in the EC Directive 90/270/EEC.

As the day will be professionally organised by us, all you’ll need to do is confirm a suitable date for your Working Well Day and reserve a suitable

  • Meeting room
  • Spare office
  • Area within staff cafeteria

We will then provide you with posters and e-mails to promote the Working Well Day to your staff.

Example Itinerary of a Working Well Day

  • Demonstration of Workstation Risk Assessments undertaken by a DSE Qualified Assessor
  • The 4-Zone Approach to the Complete Workstation Solution
  • The Pro-Active Prevention Plan
  • Workplace Diagnosis Charts
  • Fact File on Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace – and its Impact on business
  • Products showcase featuring the latest ergonomic solutions
  • FREE information leaflets, posters and videos

Be Healthy.
Be Legal.

It’s the employer’s legal obligation (EU Directive 90/270/EEC) to organise annual Workstation Risk Assessments to ensure their employees are working safely and comfortably, whatever their location.

A Working Well Day is free, informative, and fun for all employees. It will ensure you are abiding by the law and helping your staff to change bad working habits that are affecting their health and productivity.

Let's get a date in the diary...

To arrange your Working Well Day, simply click here to email us.

If you’re unable
to hold a Working
Well Day, here’s the
next best thing...

A Working Well Day is by far the best way to engage your staff with good ergonomics, but if the organisation of one at your premises proves difficult you can still request a FREE Working Well Pack to help you promote the importance of ergonomics in your workplace.

The pack includes a range of FREE posters, leaflets, fact files and other useful tools to help you change the way you work - for the better! All of these have been specifically designed to clearly show you real solutions to bad working habits – and how you can adapt a Working Well policy to improve the health and productivity of your employees. The sooner you start promoting ergonomics in your workplace, the sooner you will start working well for life.

Click here to request your FREE pack
Add movement to
your working day
Too many hours sat
at your desk is
damaging your health.

Prolonged sitting is not just bad for your back, it affects your breathing, digestion and every aspect of your health and performance, including engagement, concentration and focus.

If you always work at your computer or laptop in a seated position, you are doubling your risk of obesity by the daily time spent sitting*. It’s therefore essential for you to add movement to your working day.

Moving to work in a standing position increases your blood circulation, concentration, metabolic rate and energy, which in turn help regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, body weight and stress.

Your risk of obesity is doubled by daily
time spent sitting *
and... 60%
of daily sitting time occurs at work. **

Stand and move more during the working day -
and integrate physical activity to achieve health and wellbeing!

Sit-Stand Workstations and Work Platforms encourage desk-based workers to work actively and move more, rather than being sat in one sedentary position for hours at a time.

A Sit-Stand Workstation or Work Platform from Fellowes takes desk working to a higher level without you needing to purchase a new desk. The systems simply fit onto your existing desk, and you can change your working position easily and silently in just a few seconds.

Add movement to your working day to help you stay active, healthy and productive. You’ll find products to help you here.
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It’s not all about standing up! The key is to alternate between sitting and standing
in order to move more.

By alternating between sitting and standing at your desk you’ll engage in a healthy cycle of motion and actively reduce the risks of sedentary working such as obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

There are plenty of things you can do to be more active, like using the stairs instead of the lift, visiting a colleague at their desk instead of emailing them, or standing up when using the phone. But by far the best way to encourage a disciplined cycle of motion is to consider a Sit-Stand working solution.

Fellowes Lotus™ Sit-Stand
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Fellowes Extend™ Sit-Stand
Work Platform
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Fellowes Easy Glide™ Sit-Stand
Work Platform
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*Bullock et al. 2016 **Clemes et al. 2015

Changing Bad Habits

Does this look familiar to you? We're all working longer, with most people spending a large portion of their day staring at a computer screen - be that in the office, at home or the move. Whilst we now can't do without our computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones in our lives, we can do something about the bad working habits associated with them that are causing so many health problems.
Have you been aware that a staggering 75% of European businesses are not fully aware of their legal requirements regarding Workstation Risk Assessments?
(Arkenford Research 2014)

The Ideal Office

Increasing flexibility around working needn't risk reducing workers comfort, health and wellbeing. True flexible working shouldn't fall short of fitting around the individual and compromise realising maximum potential and productivity. The location and environment of the modern workplace may be ever-changing but the individual is constant - and the perfect workstation, wherever it may be, should still be designed to fit around them.

Personal Desk

Unbelievable, but true: 85% of European organisations report use of make-shift ergonomic solutions
(Arkenford Research 2014)

Like the vast majority of people today, Leah spends over 7 hours a day working at a computer. It's therefore essential to have a desk layout that meets her specific needs to ensure she's comfortable, productive and healthy. A complete workstation solution offered by Office Depot is designed for employers who know that healthier employees will come to work, perform at their best and go the extra mile.

Do you work at a fixed location? These products will help you…

Home Worker

25% of European workers mainly work from home.
(Dynamic Markets Research 2012)

Improve the home working environment with an inspiring range of smart looking ergonomic solutions – such as the new I-Spire™ Series, boasting both comfort and style for the home office. Where space is at a premium and flexibility is key, Fellowes range of ergonomic products not only look good but perform superbly for working around the home and in the home office environment.

Do you have a home office? These products will help…