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Tea & Coffee Buying Guide

Although a relatively small perk, providing your staff with free hot beverages can boost employee morale and ensure they are more comfortable in the workplace. The availability of caffeine hits can’t hurt alertness and productivity, either!

Use our tea and coffee buying guide below to find the right equipment for your company’s needs, without unnecessary expense.

Products for Small Offices

Of course, a kettle is the most basic solution when it comes to tea and coffee making facilities. The typical kettle holds 1.7 litres, and so boils enough water for approximately six hot drinks. That means it isn’t a convenient solution if your tea rounds include more than six people.

If you do purchase a kettle for your office, make sure to choose one with a high wattage. The more power it has, the faster it should boil your water — that means staff waste less time waiting around in the kitchen! Any kettle with 3kW or more is generally classed as rapid boil.

Rather than purchasing your teabags and instant coffee from the supermarket, take advantage of the low prices and special offers available here at Viking.

We stock top coffee brands, so you can find something that will please most people’s palate. A favourite is Nescafé Original or Nescafé Gold Blend, but products such as Kenco Smooth are also crowd-pleasers.

Products for Larger Offices

In larger offices, it may be more convenient to invest in a filter coffee machine. These prepare pots of coffee and keep them warm, so drinks are always ready to pour. Plus, many people find that these produce a better-tasting beverage than instant coffee.

Take a look at the capacity specifications of each product to ensure so you get the right size. We have a wide range of machines available which serve anywhere between 12 and 144 cups, so matching your requirements to the correct machine is key.

For the true coffee connoisseur, a bean grinder will offer the freshest taste, however it’s more convenient to purchase pre-ground coffee. Remember to also keep stocked up on filter papers and coffee condiments!

Facilities for Clients

In order to impress any visiting clients, invest in a professional coffee machine. These produce a high-quality beverage are often extremely stylish, so they’ll look good in a waiting area, personal office or meeting room.

Machines such as those in our Dolce Gusto range are used in conjunction with coffee capsules or pods, and often make cappuccinos, lattes, espressos and more. That means you can really welcome your guests in style.

Coffee Product Range

Many coffee products are available in a range of sizes. Generally, larger packages will work out cheaper per cup, but you don’t want to purchase a tub that will occupy lots of space and take your office years to get through!

The Nescafé Original 200g jar makes approximately 111 cups of coffee, the 500g tin makes 278, and the 750g tin makes 416.

All of these products have resealable lids to keep your coffee fresh, and you can take the environmentally friendly and money-saving approach of topping up the bigger tin with a 600g refill.

Nescafe Coffee Kenco Coffee Filter Coffee Fairtrade Coffee Decaffeinated Coffee Coffee Condiments

Tea Product Range

We stock everyone’s favourite tea brands, including Tetley, PG Tips, Twinnings and Yorkshire Tea. Again, the packets vary in size, so you can find something to suit your needs.

There’s a great range of milk, sugar and sweetener too, so you can pick up all the extras.

PG Tips Tea Tetley Tea Twinnings Tea Yorkshire Tea Fairtrade Tea Tea Condiments

The best in tea and coffee

Whatever your choice of drink, we have a large selection of coffee, tea and hot chocolate from high quality brands. You can also purchase decaffeinated coffee and Fairtrade coffee, all at fantastic prices.

Viking offers a fantastic selection of wholesale tea, wholesale coffee and other wholesale hot drinks, including wholesale hot chocolate, at competitive prices. Our wholesale tea and coffee range includes a choice of popular, brand names such as Tetley, PG Tips, Douwe Egberts and Nescafe. Keep your office well stocked and order wholesale hot drinks from Viking online today. Free delivery is available on orders over £30.